BI Technologies: weather rock vs. radar

Posted on September 4, 2012


Does anyone remember the days before Doppler radar weather systems?  The way we used to tell the weather was looking at a rock outside…if it was dry, then no rain; if wet, rain; if gone, tornado.  With the advent of sophisticated weather reporting systems, colorful maps complete with multicolored graphics allow us to prepare for good or bad weather well in advance.  It allows us to take the appropriate actions like taking cover, buttoning down the hatches, or most recently with Hurricane Isaac, HUNKERING down.  We plan vacations, outings, what to wear, or what to send the kids off to school in.  Basically, the system facilitates planning.

In the business world, our analogy begins with understanding what is happening with everything from shop floor production, supply chain health, distribution, financials, customer feedback, product evaluations, sales, forecasting and many other critical decision factors.  In the past, we relied on a mountain of reports, sifting through the numbers and doing hours of analysis to identify issues in the “system.”  Several years ago, Business Intelligence technology was written and designed to bring all that information to the forefront in a look of a “dashboard.”  Today, that technology is very sophisticated, easy to use, and allows for drill down capability for real-time visibility of company performance.

Like the iPad or similar devices, this latest technology is easy to use with easy read-outs, key performance indicators that you set, and many other decision making tools.  Carry the dashboard to meetings via your iPad, PC or smartphone, and see the trends, hot spots or trouble areas while traveling.

At Intellitrends, we have adopted our software to all of our reporting tools, allowing our clients to view their custom research data in an online, easy to view methodology.  We have many clients using it as their immediate view into their customer satisfaction feedback.  For instance, it enables the end user to see an overall view, or by business unit, division, customer, sales group, supplier or any other criteria.  Our menu drop downs are easy to use and navigate to interrogate what is important and what is needed to either fix issues or repeat things done well to increase customer retention, which of course, means more bottom line dollars.

So the next time you are thinking of what your weather is in your company, don’t depend on the many rocks lying around.  Investigate the latest BI Dashboard technology – it’s a small price with big returns.

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