It’s Greek to Me!

Posted on July 8, 2011


While my coworker was enjoying some Dannon Greek yogurt the other day, she noticed they changed the label.  She showed me that it was an advertisement for the new Dannon Greek yogurt stating that it was going to soon be called Dannon Oikos. I had no idea what Oikos meant so I did a little research.  It means “household,” “house,” or “family” in Greek.  On the inside it mentions how it will be just as delicious and creamy but now with a new name.  A genius idea!  Advertising on the lid of the product is such a good idea!  It has a picture of the soon to be released product so the consumer can become familiar with it.  The lid catches your attention right away with the “coming soon” and a picture of the old and new container, with a small paragraph on the underside of the lid describing it.

The new container for the yogurt has a much smaller Dannon logo with an enlarged Oikos sign.  Although I did not know what Oikos meant, I knew I had seen the word before.  It wasn’t until I saw the other side of the lid that I realized where … on the inside of the lid (in very fine print) it mentions that Oikos is a trademark of Stonyfield Farm yogurt, a product of the Danone Family.  I wonder if it will confuse the consumer into thinking it is a different product?   Dannon must be confident in the impact the word Oikos has on consumers.  I hope that they have done the proper research to ensure the transition into their new container goes smoothly.

Since I usually do not eat Dannon Greek yogurt I decided to do some research online about the product.  I was shocked to not find any mention of the name change on the Dannon website!  Maybe on Facebook?  Nope, not there either.  Dannon Greek does not even have a dedicated Facebook page.   If my coworker had never shown me the label I wouldn’t have known about the change.

I kept thinking, “Surely someone, somewhere is talking about this name change.”  Stonyfield Farm maybe?  Bingo!  Although, it still required some digging on my part.  It wasn’t until I read their Blog that I found what I was looking for.  Stonyfield explains how they are “teaming up with Dannon in the Greek yogurt category to use the power of both companies to advocate for organic yogurt to be in many more stores.”  In their goal to make Oikos Organic Greek yogurt available to everybody, Dannon will now offer its consumers a non-organic Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt that uses a different recipe than Stonyfield.

It is important that Dannon educate the consumer on the product to gain more customers.  All of their current customers are seeing the wonderful ad on their yogurt lid but what about new customers?  More presence on the internet can bring in new customers who might discover they love this yogurt!  We will be watching to see more news about this product and keep you posted!