September 28, 2012

BI Technologies: weather rock vs. radar

September 4, 2012


Does anyone remember the days before Doppler radar weather systems?  The way we used to tell the weather was looking at a rock outside…if it was dry, then no rain; if wet, rain; if gone, tornado.  With the advent of sophisticated weather reporting systems, colorful maps complete with multicolored graphics allow us to prepare for […]

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A Gold Medal In Advertising

August 13, 2012


How much is a gold medal worth in the advertising world? About $10 million! With all the professional athletes making millions of dollars, how come the Olympians’ families are going broke?  Olympians are considered to be the best of the best?  Well, why aren’t we paying the best better?  Here is a little understanding of […]

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Mac vs. PC: My Experience

August 9, 2012


Get with it tech companies! It’s no wonder that todays youth prefer the MacBook Pro over the laptops marketed by Best Buy and other big box retailers.  In fact, I called the MSU computer store to ask which is more popular, the Mac or PC, and I was told the Mac sells 8 to 1 […]

Selling with Laughter

July 31, 2012


Before the days of DVR, advertisers had viewers captive to some degree, hoping that some portion of their commercial message would get through.  With television still being one of the most commonly used advertising vehicles, advertisers are constantly striving to avoid the DVR bypass.  Is there a way to stand out in the crowd and […]

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Growing a Business: Desire vs. Execution

July 19, 2012


There is a huge difference between the desire to grow a business and the actual execution to do it! All too often, the corporate executive team expresses the desire for more growth, the need for new customers or the development of new products to sell.  However, great ideas without execution equal failure.  Basically, it’s all […]

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“Relaxed” Focus Groups

July 9, 2012


How far are you willing to go to learn about consumers’ experiences with your product?  We are all for focus groups here at Intellitrends, but there is a new kid on the block that’s changing the way some companies are going about them! When you think of hypnotism, what comes to mind?  Maybe a show […]

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